A Film Johnnie

21 Feb


This 1914 film starring Charlie Chaplin tells the story of a man who sees an actress in a film, and wants to meet her. He finds his way to the studio, but doesn’t get the reception he expects. Chaplin’s fifth film, like most others, tells the story incredibly effeciently. Like other Chaplin films, physical comedy plays a huge role. He starts a fire and is blasted with a fire hose, among other antics. This film is interesting because it is a commentary on Chaplin’s goofy off-screen persona. According to producer Mack Sennett, at the time this movie was made, didn’t get along with many Colleagues at Keystone Film Studio, where this was shot. As strange as it seems, many were unsure then if Chaplin would be successful.



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Posted by on February 21, 2011 in Charlie Chaplin, Pre-1920


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