The Red Balloon

21 Feb

1956’s The Red Balloon is a french fantasy short film directed by Albert Lamorisse. The film essentially follows a Red Balloon, which follows a boy, and causes all sorts of problems. The oscar-winner is just over 30 minutes long, and features Lamorisse’s children, son Pascal and daughter Sabine as the main little boy and girl. There is almost no dialogue in the story, but music helps in aiding the storytelling process. The tale of friendship is hindered when a group of bullies decide they want the balloon. The boy eludes them for a time, but they eventually catch him and pop the balloon. In a powerful final scene, balloons from around the city converge in the boy’s hand and help him avert danger. It is an interesting story, and considered a classic by many.

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Posted by on February 21, 2011 in 1951-1960, Albert Lamorisse, Oscars


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