The Man Without a Head

25 Feb

The Man Without a Head is a 2003 short directed by Juan Solanas. The film won best short film at the Canne film festival in 2003. It is a story of a man who lives alone, and has never had a head. The most impressive thing about the film, to me, was the visuals. The main character lacks a head, and because of this it is hard not to wonder how it was done. The quality is so good, in fact, that it feels like an animated film as you watch. The story is interesting, and makes you wonder: what if the world was really like this? The film calms the minds of those who think as such; Even without a head, the man finds love and happiness, commentary on the fact that looks and money are not everything; the true value of a person lies within them.

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Posted by on February 25, 2011 in Canne, Juan Solanas, Post 2001


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