Eminem, Where Have You Been?

25 Mar

While I was browsing for information about Rundown, I came across an totally different short film that caught my eye on this website: The Rundown. The film was called “Eminem, Where Have You Been?” and I was wondering what it could possibly be.

When most people think of Eminem, they think of his ability to rap. In this promotional short film, we see the rapper in a different light. The 2009 comedy stars Marshall Mathers as himself. The film takes us on a trip with Mathers, back to high school where he is finally getting his diploma. The aim of the film was to explain the rappers haitus in the music industry, and promote an upcoming album, Relapse. It seems to me that the idea was to release the film virally to garner interest in the project. Nonetheless, the film is pretty funny and its interesting to see Eminem do something other than music.

The documentary-style that the film is shot in allows a chronicle of ups and downs for Eminem to be depicted as he experiences high school in a very unique way with every aspect manipulated by his stardom. He finds love, makes friends, acts out, and finally, gets his act together. The situations are creative, and make for some pretty hilarious conversation between the actors. At one point, Mathers decides to forge hall passes, and finds himself in Principal Cunningham’s office. The principal reads aloud the words on the pass.

“This hall pass, gives Eminem, and his boyz… The right to do whatever the hell they want, whenever the hell they want. Signed, The Superintendent of the Universe.”

Like any Eminem product, the film is pretty vulgar throughout, but if you can get past that it is definitely worth watching. In the end,the film seems mostly like a gift for fans that has the ability to promote, but it does hold a bit of meaning. As Eminem states, “Everyone deserves a second chance.”

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