FutureShorts Season 1: The Rise

20 Apr

The Rise by Garrett Williams is an interesting story about passing on the American Dream. Despite being drastically more calm than the previous films, it is still quite enjoyable. The story revolves, essentially, around the selling of a house by an older couple. John and Mary have owned their home for a long time, and are settling on selling it for whatever they can get, in yet another destitute economy.

With the edge of the ocean nearing ever closer, they hope to sell their house as fast as possible, which is where Oskar and Rika come into the picture. Oskar and Rika are a young couple of mixed race that are hoping to start their life in the old house. The couples have issues warming up to one another, but eventually bond over subjects like family.

If the house is representative of the American dream, than the issues that come with it must be relative to the hardships that come with chasing that dream. The agent selling the house warns the buyers of dangers involved, such as a loss of electricity and police protection. Oskar and his family accept the challenge, stating ‘This is exactly where we want to be.

I thought that Williams had the exact right idea when choosing to make the new couple mixed race. The ‘Melting Pot’ has long been a hope for the United States, and this is a comment that the American Dream is there for anyone daring enough to take it. In this future, race takes a backseat to the needs of a family. The Rise depicts, effectively, the passing on of hope and way of life.  

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