FutureShorts Season 1: Tia & Marco

20 Apr

Annie J. Howell’s Tia & Marco is another one of my favorites from Futurestates season one. In Howell’s future, each citizen must serve in one of four branches of government service. Tia, an adult woman finalizing her year of service as a border patrol agent, is our main character.

Tia is hardened toward immigrants due to her work over the year clouding her normal personality. This is questioned, however, when Marco appears in her home just after her last shift ends. No longer an agent, Tia faces a moral question. Does she turn Marco in or not? Immediately, she calls her office and notifies them of an illegal in her house. Similarly to Seed, She chooses her national duty over her personal feelings immediately.

However, her call is delayed and Marco escapes. In light of events occuring rapidly, Tia’s mind on the subject begins to change. By the end of the film, Tia disregards her ‘duty’ and helps an innocent, young child escape from custody. She sees the error in her ways through the agent that takes her place when she is pulled over on the highway.

The film could have done with better visuals and costumes, as it looked like they were wearing catcher’s equipment throughout most of the film. If you can get past this, though, Tia & Marco is a fascinating tale of a rift between the right thing to do, and the easy thing to do.

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