FutureStates Season 1: Fallout

20 Apr

The debut episode of Futurestates, titled Fallout, is directed by Ben Rekhi and depicts the future of America in the wake of one of the world’s most feared disasters; nuclear attack. Futurestates episodes hope to depict possible issues in the future of our nation; almost a directors prediction of things to come. Fallout effectively sets the tone and theme of the Futurestates series, and is one of the most interesting and uniquely created episodes of the first season.

The first thing I noticed about Fallout was it’s interesting blend of cartoon animation and real video. I enjoyed the effect early on, but as the film continued, it got more and more distracting. By the end of the film, I was hoping that the rest of the series wouldn’t be done in the same style.

The story, despite it’s impossible outcome, seems to make up for the irritating visuals. Like many other shorts, Fallout is a love story, this time set in the most extreme circumstances. Despite mediocre acting, you can really feel the lengths that Damien will go to in order to ensure Rose’s safety. He trudges into what he expects to be certain death, leaving everything behind without second thought.

The story ends with an impossible twist when both Damien and Rose survive their radiation exposure despite being so near to ground zero. Nothing about the film says that it expects to be taken factually, but a more realistic ending would have been nice, in my opinion.

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