FutureStates Season 1: Mister Green

20 Apr

Mister Green is another depiction of the future, this time directed by Greg Pak. Instead of tackling the concept of nuclear warfare, Pak chose to focus his energy to warn his viewers about the danger of global warming. This, to me, is a much more effective topic than Fallout chose to use, simply because issues surrounding global warming are already taken fairly seriously.

I was relieved to see that unlike Fallout, Mister Green is shot more in the style of a true feature film, and with a really interesting concept. Mason Park works in the Department of Global Warming, which obviously, has not been as successful as hoped. He blames those in attendance of his speech, for not ‘making them do it.’ One of his listeners does just that.

In a true homage to ‘green’ living, one doctor at the meeting has developed a way for humans to become more eco-friendly, by essentially becoming plants. This fact isn’t revealed immediately, but Pak does a great job of hinting at the fact throughout the film, most obviously with a random flower sprouting from Dr. Gloria Holtzer’s hair.

I really enjoyed many of the Futurestates films, but this one may have been my favorite. The story developed really well, and the visuals were really well done. I most enjoyed the concept that the film held, almost relating to the frenzy that we currently see with environmentally friendly cars, adapted to the human body. The theme of the film, being green, can easily be seen as an overdone idea, especially with so many other Futurestates episodes relating on similar matters. Pak, however, puts a unique, intriguing spin on the bland idea and creates a winner in the process.

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