FutureStates Season 1: Play

20 Apr

If you’re after a short that will make you think, look no further than Futurestate’s Play by David Kaplan and Eric Zimmerman. Like the rest of the series, Play gives a glimpse into the future, this time looking at the rapidly evolving world of video game graphics. For a film that took only six days to create, I was thoroughly impressed.

Kaplan and Zimmerman essentially create a game-world, almost like a puzzle. Games are imbedded in games and with each new game comes a different look for the gamer playing it. At this point in time, real life is indistinguishable from the virtual reality entered within the headsets. As the film played out, I was constantly wondering if ‘this scene was real life,’ which, I believe was the intent of the filmmakers. One issue I see with this is that if you don’t pay close attention, it could easily become rather confusing.

Because of the constantly changing world, you essentially know nothing of the true happenings until the finale. The viewer doesn’t know whose playing or what the games are even for, and I was wondering throughout how a player could possibly manage to exit the game.

This movie, in my opinion, relates to several different issues in the world today. We see for one, the devastating affect of addiction when it is revealed that the players themselves loop themselves into this manufactured world. According to the filmmakers, the intent of the film was not to have a single point– they hoped, instead, to point out issues with information overload and hyper connectivity, which I believe they did effectively. 

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