FutureStates Season 1: Silver Sling

20 Apr

Silver Sling , directed by Tze Chun, was a pretty upsetting film to watch, in my opinion. In a world where money isn’t easy to come by, the Silver Sling corporation has begun ‘accelerated surrogate pregnancy.’ For those willing to go through with the process, a decent payment is made, but there are risks to the process.

The stories main character is a Russian immigrant we come to know as Lydia. Lydia is young and struggling in the united states, and has past experience with the accelerated pregnancies that Silver Sling specializes in. The story hinges on an impossible decision when Lydia is forced to choose between a third accelerated pregnancy, or a family of her own.

Her final round at Silver Sling would render her unable to have children of her own, however, the payment would give her enough to send for her brother in Russia. With her boyfriend arguing against the process, she has nowhere to turn to for true, experienced support on the matter, or so she thinks.

The nurse that Lydia meets at Silver Sling has, herself, been an accelerated surrogate three times, and knows the downfalls of the process. It is yet another story of two drastically different people coming together to help one another in a time of need.

This is another one of the films in the series that does not come out looking impossible. The reason this film is meaningful is how reasonable it would be that this could happen in the near future. In a world where people want things when they want them, accelerated births are not out of the question, and the proposed side affects are not farfetched.

Lydia’s nurse hopes to give her the knowledge she needs to make an educated decision, and Lydia needs this help badly. Silver Sling is a commentary on human relationships, and just how far a person will go for money, and for family.

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