FutureStates Season 1: The Other Side

20 Apr

Amyn Kaderali visualizes yet another destitute future for the United States, this time tackling the issue of unemployment and illegal immigration in The Other Side. Like many other Futurestates films, Kaderali creates a very interesting future in this film. With so many people furious about illegal immigrants in the United States, The Other Side takes a look at how things may go if US Citizens ever had reason to take refuge.

Kaderali turns the table, and presents a destitute America in the year 2040. The film tells us that the unemployment rate is 86%, and all luxury that was once known is gone. Our main character this time is a father, Jeff, hoping to cross the border to Mexico to give his children a better life. The trouble he encounters along the way force a viewer to question whether the actions taken to refuse immigrants are really the right thing to do.

I especially enjoyed the way Kaderali presents the scene during the film. It isn’t said outright that these people are set to cross illegally into Mexico. Instead, it is implied through the use of the Spanish language and other subtle hints until it is unavoidable. The director also depicts the loss of luxury in an interesting way; Jeff’s young son has never heard of a cheeseburger.

I can’t imagine that many people who haven’t seen this film would even consider this situation a possibility. Watching it definitely changed my view about how our border control situation should be taken care of. With a harsh comment from a Mexican national, the message is clear: Treat others the way you want to be treated.

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