Turner Classic Movies: Fragments

08 May

Fragments: Surviving Pieces of Lost Film is the special that aired prior to Unseen Cinema. This is a very interesting concept, and this special didn’t truly involve short film. Like I said in my previous post, much of old film is damaged, and unviewable. TCM hoped to do something about that.

So, do something about it they did, and there was Fragments. The special is arranged in a way much like the anthology films we watched in class. The films are arranged thematically, although they are mostly broken portions out of major feature film. I chose to include this, because much of Fragments content can be viewed like a short film.

Here are some of the film clips included in Fragments:

The Village Blacksmith (1922)

The Way of All Flesh

Cleopatra (1917)

The Miracle Man (1919),

He Comes Up Smiling (1918),

 Gold Diggers of Broadway(1929),

 Red Hair (1928

I didn’t know TCM did anything like this before I did research on it. The whole idea, to me, is very interesting. I especially like that it highlights the danger that classic film finds itself in; I had no idea such a huge percentage of film was damaged. I was also impressed with TCM’s ability to take chunks from films, and still manage to package them together appropriately. It is difficult to find any links to this particular TCM event online, so check your local listing and hope that this unique special airs again soon.

Here’s a link to the page about the special, so you can get some more first hand information.


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