Turner Classic Movies: Impact on Short Film

08 May

If you’re looking to watch short films on television, there aren’t very many channels that can accommodate your needs. There just aren’t very many channels that choose to broadcast these particular types of films. That, in general, poses quite a problem. Without any channels to provide this content, many great shorts would never gain the viewership they deserve. Luckily for short film buffs and creators, shorts do still hold a home in the television industry.

Turner Classic Movies is a very unique cable TV network. The name doesn’t lie, and they focus on classic movies. Classic movies that include hours of shorts broadcasting and silent films that most would never get a chance to see simply by flipping through a channel. The films are uncut and unedited, allowing the viewer to see the film the way it was meant to be seen. The commercials only pertain to other TCM content. It is essentially a premium cable channel that provides the world of short film to the public.

Their support goes beyond the tube, too. In addition to their countless TV programs devoted to shorts, they hold annual short film competitions welcoming contestants and backing quality shorts. Here is a sort of compendium of ways that Turner Classic Movies impacts the world of short film.


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